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What is the best way to tell your Mother you love her?!?

As the calendar turns in to May, we head in to an amazing time.  The weather, especially in Chicago, turns in to a daily thing of beauty.  Memorial Day, the (UN) Official beginning of summer,ushers in a time of great possibility.  However, the NUMBER ONE most important time in May is Mother's Day.  First recognized in the United States in 1914, Mother's Day has become a major National Holiday.  As a matter-of-fact, more phone calls are made on Mother's Day than ANY other day of the year.  For those of you lucky enough to spend the day with your Mother's, let George Dunne help you spend that time.  All day on Sunday May 8, Mother' Day, your Mother will play here ABSOLUTELY FREE!!  Whether she is a golfer or not, bring her out and spend some really quality time together.  She will enjoy the scenery, the beauty of the entire property and, most important, your time with her!  George Dunne National would like to wish ALL of the Mother's a very happy Mother's Day.  Also, Mom, I LOVE you and I hope to see you soon!!